The AV-Academy Training-Centre

Armoured Vehicle - Academy

To quickly and intelligibly communicate complex subjects such as armouring, protection levels or safety equipment, ACP Deutschland founded the AV-ACADEMY (Armoured Vehicle Academy).

In the AV-ACADEMY we establish transparency. All our clients shall be able to get their own understanding of the armoured vehicle market. After our courses, you will be able to assess your threat level, determine the right protection level and to stay within your budget.
We are not a broker and do not recommend any AV suppliers! After you have visited the AV-ACADEMY, you will be able to evaluate your needs and demands yourself. You will be able to publish tenders to the latest standards and to unmask tricks and false promises. Update yourself to the latest status of armoured vehicle technology.  

Time is short! In addition to personal training options, the AV-ACADEMY lately started online courses to improve and support effective learning.

Our courses are made for everybody in contact with armoured vehicles. Repair-shop managers, users and owners of bullet resistant vehicles. Fleet-management courses communicate the individual difference between AVs and unarmoured vehicles and show effective ways to run AVs even on small budgets. Technical training is available for mechanics and repair-shop managers to improve their service range and get practical support in their daily work. Drivers and owners of armoured vehicles learn technical hands-on knowledge for a safer usage every day.

All our trainers are specialized in armoured vehicle technology; they know their singularities and weaknesses. Illustrative training documents ease the communication even under difficult language-barriers. All our courses are also available in your local language of preference.